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Say Goodbye To Painful Sex After Menopause With MonaLisa Touch®

Say Goodbye To Painful Sex After Menopause With MonaLisa Touch®

Many women might assume that after they navigate the rough symptoms of menopause, it’s smooth sailing. And in some ways, it is, but the hormonal changes that take place during menopause leave their mark.

Many of the changes are welcome, especially if you don’t want to have any more children. But some can be unexpected. Many women experience vaginal dryness, discomfort, and even painful sex. For many women, it’s because of a condition called vaginal atrophy. But Dr. Singh is there to help you through this new phase in your life.

Vaginal atrophy

Changes in postmenopausal hormones cause the collagen in your vaginal walls to weaken, making the skin thinner. Thinner skin means less mucus, your body’s natural lubricant.

Dryness not only leads to more painful intercourse, but it also can lead to inflammation, which adds to your discomfort. It may lead to shortening and tightening of the entire vagina.

Painful sex is only part of the problem with vaginal atrophy, however. Even when you aren’t having sex, vaginal atrophy may cause itching and burning in your genital area. Because your vagina is so close to your ureter, vaginal inflammation may lead to urinary tract infections and ultimately cause painful urination and incontinence.

Treatments for vaginal atrophy

There are a lot of treatments on the market today. Unfortunately, however, many of these creams and pills contain hormones, which often have side effects. And for women who have already conquered breast, uterine or cervical cancer, these hormones can be really dangerous.

Dr. Singh is proud to offer the innovative MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy. It’s chemical-free and uses your body’s own healing properties to rejuvenate your vagina, leading to more comfortable sexual intercourse, as well as staving off many of the associated urinary issues.

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch uses laser technology to cure the underlying cause of vaginal atrophy. Dr. Singh uses a laser wand that emits a light designed to target the underlying collagen layer. The light stimulates your body’s collagen cells, encouraging them to renew production, giving the vaginal skin a stronger base.

With a stronger collagen layer, the vagina produces a healthier level of mucus, naturally lubricating the area. This reduces inflammation, eliminating burning and itching. The stronger vaginal walls also provide better support for the ureter, protecting your urinary tract.

What to expect from your MonaLisa Touch treatment

Dr. Singh prepares you for your MonaLisa Touch treatment. You disrobe from the waist down.

Dr. Singh gently inserts the MonaLisa Touch wand into your vagina. It’s a very similar experience to having an intra-vaginal sonogram. The wand uses short pulses of light to reach all parts of the vagina at once. The entire treatment takes about five minutes, and you’re ready to resume your day.

For your healing and comfort, Dr. Singh may recommend that you not have sexual intercourse for several days. Over the following days and weeks, you’ll find your symptoms diminishing or even disappearing as the collagen layer re-establishes a healthy vaginal environment.

Depending on the severity of your vaginal atrophy, you may need several treatments that are spread out over several months for complete healing.

By treating the root cause of vaginal atrophy without drugs, Dr. Singh has helped many in the Bakersfield area renew their vaginal comfort and their sex life. If you aren’t sure whether MonaLisa Touch is right for you, call Dr. Singh at the Singh Family Medical Clinic. After discussing your symptoms and the results of a full exam, you and Dr. Singh can decide if MonaLisa Touch can give you a pain-free sex life.

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