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What to Expect During a MonaLisa Touch® Treatment

A woman’s sexual and vaginal health can be influenced by many things — childbirth, menopause, and even cancer treatments. Until now, there have been few effective solutions, leaving many women, quite literally, high and dry. Thanks to the innovative MonaLisa Touch® system, they’re fighting back against poor vaginal health with great results.

At Singh Family Medical Clinic, under the experienced and compassionate leadership of Dr. Ravinderjit Singh, our goal is to provide every member of the community of Bakersfield, California, with comprehensive health care. And when it comes to women’s health, our MonaLisa Touch system is successfully helping our female patients take back control of their lives.

Here’s a look at how MonaLisa Touch works to improve your vaginal health and what you can expect during your treatments (hint: you’re going to be pleasantly surprised!).

What MonaLisa Touch accomplishes

There are many reasons why your vaginal health may not be what it once was, with perimenopause and menopause leading the charge. These inevitable changes in life are precipitated by a drop in your female hormones, namely estrogen, which control the health of your vaginal tissue to a large degree. In their absence, you may be left with vaginal dryness, thinning tissue, and decreased bladder support, which can lead to incontinence.

Another major influence on your vaginal health is childbirth. Many women experience poor vaginal health after childbirth in terms of tissue laxity and loss of lubrication. As well, because your vaginal tissue was stretched, you may be experiencing problems with bladder support and incontinence.

Rounding out the list are cancer treatments that involve chemotherapy and radiation. These treatments can wreak havoc on the health of your vaginal tissue and often result in poor mucosal elasticity.

How MonaLisa Touch works

With the MonaLisa Touch, we deliver gentle laser energy into your vaginal tissue to elicit a healing response, which comes in the form of collagen. As the protein responsible for much of your tissue’s tone and support, this increase in collagen boosts the health and strength of your vaginal tissue. The MonaLisa Touch also promotes better circulation and lubrication in your tissue with its gentle heating action.

What to expect from a MonaLisa Touch treatment

Each MonaLisa Touch treatment lasts only five minutes or so (we typically recommend a series of three), after which you’re free to go.


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