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Ravinderjit Singh, MD

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Childbirth and menopause can cause hormonal imbalances in a woman’s body that can cause a myriad of health problems. Thankfully, you don’t have to live and struggle with these symptoms any longer. Dr. Ravinderjit Singh, MD, at Singh Family Medical Clinic in Bakersfield, California, provides hormone replacement therapy to balance hormones and alleviate symptoms. If you’re interested in hormone replacement therapy, call today or schedule an appointment online.


What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a treatment designed to balance the levels of progesterone and estrogen in a woman’s body around the time of menopause or post-childbirth.

As you approach this life-changing time, your body starts reducing the production of estrogen and progesterone, causing hot flashes, sweating, and other common symptoms of menopause. HRT is one of the most effective medical treatments available to relieve these symptoms and create a smoother transition through and out of menopause.

When you come in for your appointment at Singh Family Medical Clinic, Dr. Singh first performs the necessary tests and assesses your medical history before prescribing HRT. She may recommend another form of treatment if She determines HRT is inappropriate for you.

How do I ingest the hormones prescribed?

There are many forms of hormone replacement therapy available today, and Dr. Singh specializes in BioTE hormone replacement therapy because she believes it is the best option. This unique treatment uses hormone pellets to release bioidentical hormones into your bloodstream in a continuous manner.

The pellets are very small, about the size of one grain of rice, and she inserts just underneath your skin near the upper hip. Each pellet releases hormones for up to three to six months and dissolves when the process is complete. BioTE is completely safe and has helped women all over the US receive relief from common symptoms related to rapid hormonal changes, such as menopause and childbirth.

Does hormone replacement therapy require recovery time?

HRT treatments like BioTE are noninvasive and require little downtime. The procedure is quick and easy and doesn’t require anesthesia. After treatment, Dr. Singh’s aftercare instructions recommend a week of recovery time before you can resume normal activity and exercise to ensure the pellet remains securely in place.

If you’re struggling with symptoms caused by rapid hormonal changes in your body, HRT may help. To learn more about how you can get started with this noninvasive procedure, call Singh Family Medical Clinic in Bakersfield, California, today. If you’re ready for treatment now, schedule an appointment online.